Create A Successful Cheer Fundraising Flyer in 3 Easy Steps

July 2, 2019

You Need a Cheer Fundraising Flyer Huh?

Sometimes the idea of desginging a flyer, or any other type of marketing material for your cheer fundraising can be daunting. Especially if this is not something you do, or if you are not in your optimum creative mode. I have experienced this time and time again when I was coaching baseball, and it can be very frustrating. Who has time to sit down and think thtough everything that needs to be on a flyer right? Well after reading this post YOU will.

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Design Your Flyer in 3 Easy Steps


The key to a great cheer fundraising flyer is to catch the attention of a potential supporter. So first things first, unless you are already an expert in adobe illustrator or photoshop, I would highly recommend using Canva. Canva is a web based "graphic design for dummies" platform that comes with pre-built templates for designs from posters and flyers to social media posts and cover images. Here at Sudz Fundraising, over 80% of our graphics are created in Canva. Canva has a free and a inexpensive paid version, so once you get good at using the platform you may consider upgrading.

In this specific post we are talking about designing a cheer fundraising flyer, so the first query I would search in canva for is a general term "FLYER", or "POSTER".  Sometimes it is beneficial to get a little outside of the box. So try a search for "cheerleading poster". You will see several templates for this search, now you just need to use the editor. Canva has helpful tutorials if you get stuck using the editor.

Content For Your Cheer Fundraising Flyer

Canva is open, and the template is loaded...... NOW WHAT! We need to grab your potential supporters attention so they will read the rest of the information on the flyer. Think about your target audience and type of fundraising you are promoting, then put yourself in the mindset of a potential supporter. What would grab your attention? Here are a few things to think about.....

  1. Write a Snappy Headline- Use Powerful words/phrases that tie to the emotion of your supporter. Words such as Insider, Finally, Now You Can, are good examples. Let's try a few....... How about

Support the Central High Cheer Team from your Mobile Phone. 

School Spirit Tastes Great

Zumba For Cheer

2. Use Colorful Graphics/Pictures- Use a graphic or photo to grab the readers focus. One large image will be more impactful than several small images. This graphic or image is the focal point of the flyer, so make sure it grabs attention and tells the story behind what you are raising money for.

3. Tell Them What To Do- What action do you want your prospective supporters to take after seeing your flyer? If it is to come to an event, then make sure you have the location, time, and other pertient information added. If it is a web store, make sure the link to the store is included. Here is a good example of a cheer fundraising flyer for a dining fundraising event.

Placing Your Flyer

It takes alot of time after you have come up with all of the cheerleading fundraising ideas to run one, so make sure you put the energy into nailing this flyer.  I am sure most of you have heard the term location in regard to real estate, right? Whether you have marketing chops yet or you are learning, one thing you will learn about marketing is location.

Realtors are always talking about location, location, location when working with a new buyer. The same holds true with marketing a flyer. Where you put the flyer makes a big difference in its success. Taking your flyer to an indoor batting cage, who has baseball and softball teams frequenting their facility may not be the best place to ask to pass flyers out.

You want to ask your self who are currently the people who support? Where do they hang out? If you have identified that women 35-60 years old is the demographic that supports your cheer team the most then I would recommend placing the flyers in the local spas, hair and nail salons, and womens boutique stores.

I hope this post helps you create a kick butt flyer, that will help effectively promote your next event. I put together an Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading Fundraising. The guide is complementary, all I ask is if you find value in the guide, please share this post with someone you know that could find it beneficial as well.

Dowload Your FREE Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading Fundraising

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