Welcome To Our Community Boosters Page! - Sudz Fundraising

You Spoke… and We Listened!

We have streamlined our pricing and shipping to make YOUR organization MORE MONEY! Now enjoy a set percentage across the board and FREE SHIPPING!

Welcome To Our Community Boosters Page!


Community Boosters Are Special People

Not only do Community Boosters help teams and organizations raise more money through the SUDZ fundraiser, they make their towns better places to live doing it!

The reason is that a SUDZ fundraiser is a clean fundraiser. Teams don't have to sell junk food or useless, overpriced products their fans and supporters don't need.


When you can raise more money, faster, while giving fans and supporters something they need at a better price than at the store, that's a big win for teams and supporters.

The third WIN is for the Community Booster who makes money by helping their community groups, teams, and organizations to raise money with SUDZ.

Want to learn more about how you can help your community and make great money doing it?

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