Just about any of the easy fundraising ideas available today will render your organization or team with some degree of success. In most instances, though, you may find that the success rendered is not matching your needs. Then, you are left to question how you can win over donors and supporters. The answer is simple; engage in effective storytelling to attract those that can help and/or donate with your fundraising event. It is a known fact that every single fundraiser has a story behind it. To create excitement, interest, and intrigue, you should tell the real-life story that is behind your quest to raise money.

Forget about Conversion Rate and Focus on Conversation

When hosting a fundraising event, it is common for teams and organizations to get wrapped up in the “details”, such as marketing, putting “donate now” buttons into place on various online platforms, the amount of money needed, social media engagement, and the conversion rate. Forget conversion rate, sales copy, and all of that; instead, focus on the “conversation” that you have with prospective donors. You should ensure that you are living through the “story” because living the “story” has put you where you are now. You have a story to tell. You must share the story as it is right now, express what it could be, and then invite others to join your story and be the “superhero” by donating or supporting your fundraising event.

Identify the Protagonist

Regardless of which of the easy fundraising ideas that you elect to take part in, your team or organization will always be the “antagonist” of the story that you tell. The problems you want to solve or the “wrongs” that must transition into “rights” will serve as your protagonist. When telling your story, identify this protagonist right in the beginning. For example, let’s say that you are raising money to help those without a home. The protagonist will be “homelessness”. If you are raising funds to help a local hospital with expenses for children with cancer, the protagonist will be “cancer”. Regardless of your mission or what you are trying to do, you are battling a protagonist.

Your Super Powers

Now that you have identified the protagonist, it is important to share with your readers what special powers your team or organization has. That is, how did you discover the problem and why did you choose to help to try to solve the problem? What “powers” make your team or organization the “hero” that is sure to save the day? How do you plan to win and when do you plan on this victory taking place?

Be Real

It does not matter which of the easy fundraising ideas that you are taking part in, make sure that the story that you tell is REAL. Your story must be real and happening NOW. You must offer your “readers” the ability to play a special part in your fundraising event – either by volunteering or donating – to help make the change to ensure your team or organization’s overall success. By boldly telling your story, you will find that fortune truly does favor you. You – the antagonist – will become the hero of this story! For easy fundraising ideas or tips on how to have a highly profitable fundraiser, click HERE.

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