How to Fully Fund Your Church Fundraiser Goals Every Year From Now On!


SUDZ Will Help Your Church Raise More Money!

Tired of searching for church fundraising ideas?

After helping hundreds of churches raise money all over the country, we know one thing is clear: you aren’t looking for more church fundraiser ideas. You’re looking for a final fundraising solution that works for you year-round. A fundraiser that is easy but still raises the most money possible. From summer camps, to mission trips, there are many needs that churches everywhere struggle to execute due to a lack of funding. 

That is where SUDZ fundraising comes in. We are passionate about helping with your church fundraiser for general operations, retreats, missions, camps and more. We love helping churches just like yours to create evergreen fundraisers that will keep a stream of funding coming in without having to brainstorm and put together new fundraisers year after year. 

The best part is once you implement the strategies in this blueprint, the amount of time and effort needed from you or your group is minimal. This program literally runs itself! 

I am offering this easy church fundraiser blueprint to you for FREE! 

That’s right for FREE! Grab your Copy of “Perpetual Church Fundraising Blueprintbelow. The only thing I ask is that if you find it valuable, consider sharing the link to this page with a couple of other church friends that you think could use the information.  


In a hurry? If you have a pressing deadline for your next church fundraiser, contact CEO Jeremy Kean via the calendar link below and we can outline the program for you to make a quicker decision. Once you talk to Jeremy, you’ll see that this fundraiser is the one for your church!

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