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Are You In Charge Of Fundraising For Your Church Gorup or Ministry? Do You Get Tired Of Trying To Find The RIGHT Fundraiser For Your Group?

What is the quickest, easiest, and most lucrative way to raise money for your Church?

Hands down, it is the SUDZ Fundraiser, and here's why...

Most fundraisers are too complicated, they don't raise enough money, and they have you selling stuff your congregation doesn't want or need.

This father of 3 and baseball coach has changed all of that!
The creator of SUDZ Fundraising, Jeremy Kean, grew tired of the dreaded yearly fundraising ​drag and decided in 2013 to do something about it.

For years, Jeremy experienced first-hand the yearly fundraising blues. He knew there had to be a better way to raise the most money possible, be easy to set and run, and give communities something they really need while saving them money.

What you're looking at right now is quite possibly the world's most perfect fundraiser...
How Our Fundraiser Works
They did an amazing job for our group. We originally were fundraising with another company. We went to place our order and were blindsided with all these hidden fees we were not told about before we started our fundraiser. Not only did sudz bail us out even finding products for us they dont normally carry to fulfill our orders we needed filled, Lori gave us one on one customer service. She guided us through every step of the ordering and delivery. They even honored the prices and quantities that the other company charged us. Great experience and we cant thank them enough. 
Jennifer Eck, Cheer Coach

SUDZ creates a Win-Win-Win scenario for organizers - churches - and their congregations...

Raise More Money - Fast and Easy!
Who says fundraising has to be hard or complicated? America's #1 fundraiser is easy to put on and raise more money than any other fundraiser around!
Your Congregation Will LOVE You!
Most fundraisers sell unhealthy junk food, coupon books, and other things your beloved congregation just doesn't need. Take care of your community by offering them something they want and will buy over and over again!
Your Congregation Will SAVE Money!
Who ever heard of a fundraising product not being over priced? Everyone knows you're supposed to pay 10x (or more) over what you could get stuff in the store, right? SUDZ products actually make better money than any other fundraiser while STILL saving your supporters money on household items that they really need!
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