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Are You In Charge Of Fundraising For Your Cheer Group? Do You Get Tired Of Trying To Find The RIGHT Fundraiser For Your Group? 

Download My FREE Ultimate Guide To Cheerleading Fundraising. It Will Take Yo Step By Step in Choosing Cheer Fundraisers That Will Provide Maximum Benefit To Your Group. 

You Are The Head of Fundraising For Your Cheer Team.

As you start to evaluate the financial needs for your cheer team, you are likely to run into the need for some good ole fashioned cheerleading fundraising. Yes! I said the bad word. FUNDRAISING. Rally the troops, Design the Flyers, and get ready to go! 

Let’s be real for a minute can we? No one likes fundraising, it is a necessary evil. There are so many things that everyone wants to accomplish, but parents would faint if they saw what that would all cost. 

So how can you provide the equipment, the facility, the competition, the trips without breaking the bank? You guessed it! Fundraising. 

cheerleading fundraising

When you start to really think about what goes into a proper fundraising campaign, it is alot like running a team of sales people. You are selling a product, or asking for donations/sponsorships. This takes a plan, and a plan has goals. 

There is no need to start from scratch, let us help you with our FREE Ultimate Guide. 

In this Cheerleading Fundraising Ultimate Guide You Will

  • Learn how you can make money for your group year round, without handling product or collecting money.
  • Be able to pick from several ideas to customize your teams fundraising efforts, allowing you to maximize profit and minimize work.
  • Get Access To My Trifecta Fundraising Template. This is a Proven Method That Works

I LOVE working with Cheer Coach’s or Team Parents in charge of the fundraising. As a parent of 3,  I know how much time you DON’T have to mess with fundraising. My Free Consultation can make it easier on You. 

Check Out the Guide below, and I will be a Phone Call or a Text Message Away if YOU run into issues. 

cheerleading fundraising ultimate guide


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