Let's imagine for a second that you are a cheer coach, cheer clinic director, etc and you want to go to huge competition far far away. The first thing you are surely thinking is how are we going to pay for this, without asking the parents to all fork out a big check. Hmmm... what are some cheerleading fundraising ideas we could come up with?

Don't sweat it, I have you covered. Shall we begin? Ok, Let's Go!

The first thing I always feel is super important is to look at the finances, and ask yourself these questions.

Goals for Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Just like anything else in life or business, Fundraising Goals are very important to have as well. You must know where you are heading

so you can set the right navigation when you are driving. Fundraising is much the same. Let me explain, if you are looking to raise $200 I wouldn't suggest a mattress fundraiser. I don't want to assume you know what that fundraising program entails, but it is a month long process, involving alot of marketing, volunteers, planning, etc. For a small goal like $200 I would recommend something quick and easy like candy or raffle tickets. Something you can hit really quick and be done.


One of the next things to consider are who are the participants are. How involved are the parents/kids who will be selling?

If you have a group of highly motivated parents, like I did back in the day when I ran the Indiana Throwbacks Travel Baseball team, then I have a few ideas for you. If you haven't had a chance to read Our Story, check it out. It explains how I started Sudz, while I was coaching my sons travel baseball team.  I will be honest though, I have only found a few that make major bank. The Sudz Fundraising Program is one of the top ones I have still run across. I also really am intrigued and like the concept of the mattress fundraising program.

There are several cheerleading fundraising ideas out there. Some you can rock yourself with some effort and make good profit, and others you can work with a company like Sudz Fundraising where everything is setup with several options, and already put together for you. I consult with several coaches, and non profit group leaders to help steer them in the right direction, even if it isn't Sudz. I would be happy to help you too. Just click the link to my schedule and book a 15-30 min time block so we can discuss your group and their needs.

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