3 Free Marketing Tools To Use For Your Non Profit

3 Free Marketing Tools to Use For Your Non Profit From the headline you might be thinking….um yes please! Free Marketing Tools are super important for all small to large size non profit organizations. These heavy buckets are alot to contend with, so yes how can we maximize our laundry detergent fundraiser profit? You are […]

Top 5 Free Tools for Better Group Communication

When you are the team or group leader and in charge with communicating with players, parents, supporters, volunteers, it can get exhausting right? What if there was one app I could use?? How about my top 5 free tools for better team communication? Trying to be efficient since we are always strapped for time isnt […]

Transform Easy Fundraising Ideas into Profits!

Before stopping here, it’s likely you discovered several easy fundraising ideas for your organization. The question is, how do you get people to take part in your fundraiser? The answer is, preparation and planning. The success that you experience is dependent upon the amount of planning and preparation that you put in. Keep reading to […]

3 Qualities Your Group Needs For a Successful Fundraiser

3 Qualities Your Group Needs For a Successful Fundraiser Now that you have browsed all of those lists of easy fundraising ideas, you have probably selected one to take part in – be it a laundry detergent fundraiser, selling soy candles, candy, or natural health products. At this point, you are probably at the planning […]

How To Create Great Graphics For Your Fundraiser

Most people want to knock their fundraising numbers out of the park and will go to great lengths to raise the most money possible. If you’ve seen someone put together really great images for their fundraiser and you want to know how to make your flyers and other materials look professional and really “POP,” check […]

Simple Steps for Promoting Your Fundraiser on Pinterest

If you are looking for great ways for promoting your fundraiser, you should consider using Pinterest, a visual bookmarking site and social media platform that allows individuals to discover and save their favorite creative-based ideas. To date, there are nearly 73 million users on Pinterest. This is an absolutely amazing statistic when you are attempting […]

Top 3 Reasons Your Fundraising Efforts Will Fail

In 2019 there are well over 1000 fundraising programs and products available to groups and organizations looking to raise funds. What can make these fundraising efforts fail? While there are many successful stories behind the laundry detergent fundraiser that is now gaining in popularity across the nation, there are also many stories surrounding failed attempts […]

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