Quick Tip Tuesday: Dealing With Rejection During a Fundraiser

Hey, gang! I wanted to do a quick tip on this Tuesday about rejection during a fundraiser.

You're doing it virtually, messages back and forth. People say no and they don't respond. or you're in person and you've got the order form and someone says, "No I'm not intersested, thank you."

It can be scary, right?

Trust me, I know and that's why I've got 3 tips for you on how to deal with this rejection during a fundraiser!

Tip #1: Don't take it personally!

You never know what's going on. It may be a bad day, they're really tight on money, they may have had a bill come in that you didn't know. So even the people that you think are a no-brainer that they'll buy from you, don't let it bug you. Don't let it get your day down, it's just one!

Tip #2: It's a numbers game

The more people you present this to, the more people you try to sell to, the more are going to say yes. Simply put: If you only reach out, whether it be virtually through social media, email, text, or if you are in a face to face setting, or both... the more reps you get, just like anything else- working out for example: the more reps you get, the better off you are. In this case, it's the same way.

Get it in front of more people, you put it in front of 10 you're only going to get so many to say yes. You put it in from of 100, same percentage say yes... you've got a LOT more sales, a lot more profit for your team!

Tip #3: Ask for referrals

Ask if they know anyone who may be interested in your fundraiser! So when we're tying this back to tip #1, we're not taking things personally, it may just be a bad week, they may be under some financial pressure. It has nothing to do with you or the fundraiser itself. So when they say no, ask them: "Do you know anyone else who may be interested?"

Let's be real: it's laundry detergent, and everyone they know washes their clothes! So their answer to this question will give you a good indication if you're just pestering them and they don't ever want you to come back, which is good intel. Or, if it may be one of those other situations that they don't want to talk about and it's really none of your business anyway.

But this way, you get someone who may be able to reach out to a few other people that you can follow up on! Back to #2... the more you do that, the more you ask, the more opportunity you get, the more sales you get, the more profit you get for your team or organization.

So I hope these three tips help you on this Tuesday on how to take the rejection during a fundraiser!

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Quick Tip Tuesday: How to Approach People Online With Your Fundraiser

This is your Quick Tip Tuesday!

How to Approach PEople Online With Your Fundraiser

Today, with COVID and everybody's differencing opinions on what's safe, what's not safe- and there's STILL the need to raise money...

How can we continue to facilitate sales without having the typical day in and day out interactions that we used to have with people.

Tip #1: Make Sure You Have the JPG Version of the Order Form

The first tip I would give you is to make sure that you have the .JPEG version of our order form so that you can share it on social media accounts like Facebook.

Tip #2: Be Consistent and Persistent!

You also want to be consistent and fairly persistent about your fundraiser. Most fundraisers are only going to be 2-3 weeks long. So if you do feel like you're annoying your Facebook friends, it's only going to last for 2-3 weeks anyway, so they'll get over it! That's the cool part about social media: once it's been seen, it's very easily forgotten afterwards so don't feel like you're being too pushy.

Something else to consider is that the Facebook algorithm is typically only going to show things to about 10% of your Facebook friend's newsfeeds. So when you feel like you're being very pushy and very rude, and just blowing your feed up with the fundraiser, keep in mind that if you've got 1,000 friends, only 100 or so people are even seeing those posts. So don't worry about being pushy or irritating people on social media. Get it out there, get it out on multiple platforms to multiple audiences to give yourself a chance.

Another thing that goes well with that is that in the copy of the area of your post, don't just put a couple of lines of text. Spend a little time explaining what the fundraiser does for whoever you're fundraising for.

Tip #3: Get your kids involved!

Get your kids involved. They've got Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok. Let them be a part of the fundraising experience since ultimately, it's for them anyway, right?! Let them be a part of this!

To recap:

Get it out there, get it out there often. Use that copy section as a place that you can really tell what the impact of this fundraiser will do for you or the team.

And also talk about how good the product is! How it saves them money. We provide all of that information to you as copy/paste-able social media content! Utilize that - we've seen teams do a really good job of this and they increase their sales upwards of 30-40% just by using the simple techniques and tools at every level.

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Combine Storytelling with Easy Fundraiser Ideas to Attract Donors and Supporters

Just about any of the easy fundraising ideas available today will render your organization or team with some degree of success. In most instances, though, you may find that the success rendered is not matching your needs. Then, you are left to question how you can win over donors and supporters. The answer is simple; engage in effective storytelling to attract those that can help and/or donate with your fundraising event. It is a known fact that every single fundraiser has a story behind it. To create excitement, interest, and intrigue, you should tell the real-life story that is behind your quest to raise money.

Forget about Conversion Rate and Focus on Conversation

When hosting a fundraising event, it is common for teams and organizations to get wrapped up in the “details”, such as marketing, putting “donate now” buttons into place on various online platforms, the amount of money needed, social media engagement, and the conversion rate. Forget conversion rate, sales copy, and all of that; instead, focus on the “conversation” that you have with prospective donors. You should ensure that you are living through the “story” because living the “story” has put you where you are now. You have a story to tell. You must share the story as it is right now, express what it could be, and then invite others to join your story and be the “superhero” by donating or supporting your fundraising event.

Identify the Protagonist

Regardless of which of the easy fundraising ideas that you elect to take part in, your team or organization will always be the “antagonist” of the story that you tell. The problems you want to solve or the “wrongs” that must transition into “rights” will serve as your protagonist. When telling your story, identify this protagonist right in the beginning. For example, let’s say that you are raising money to help those without a home. The protagonist will be “homelessness”. If you are raising funds to help a local hospital with expenses for children with cancer, the protagonist will be “cancer”. Regardless of your mission or what you are trying to do, you are battling a protagonist.

Your Super Powers

Now that you have identified the protagonist, it is important to share with your readers what special powers your team or organization has. That is, how did you discover the problem and why did you choose to help to try to solve the problem? What “powers” make your team or organization the “hero” that is sure to save the day? How do you plan to win and when do you plan on this victory taking place?

Be Real

It does not matter which of the easy fundraising ideas that you are taking part in, make sure that the story that you tell is REAL. Your story must be real and happening NOW. You must offer your “readers” the ability to play a special part in your fundraising event – either by volunteering or donating – to help make the change to ensure your team or organization’s overall success. By boldly telling your story, you will find that fortune truly does favor you. You – the antagonist – will become the hero of this story! For easy fundraising ideas or tips on how to have a highly profitable fundraiser, click HERE.

Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Your Marching Band

Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Your Marching Band

  If your teenager is part of a local marching band, it should come as no surprise to you that this is a very expensive undertaking. General participation is quite costly. When you combine that with the competitions and other events that the marching band participates in, these costs skyrocket.

  According to an article on the Bloomberg website, the average cost of a marching band comes in at just over $7,000 a year. Fundraising is not only necessary, but it is also critical to the overall success of the band. The question is, “Are there easy fundraising ideas out there that will render enough profits for marching band participation?” The answer – in short – is “yes”.

Profitable Fundraising is Essential for Marching Band Success

 Music groups – such as your local marching band – requires high levels of financial support in order to properly sustain the program. Common expenses include the musical instruments used in the band, uniforms, tools for training participants, the cost of band camp, band trips, registration fees, concert expenses, and competition costs. When you add all of this up, you will quickly discover that you should only focus on profitable fundraisers that will provide lucrative proceeds.

  So, which of all of the easy fundraising ideas will be most profitable? 

The Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

  When it comes to easy fundraising ideas and profitable fundraising endeavors, the laundry detergent fundraiser is considered to be the most popular among marching bands and similar music groups. This particular fundraiser allows your marching band to promote and sell items that everyone uses – laundry products. Since the products are needed by all, you are guaranteed profits. For each bucket sold, your marching band can raise anywhere from $12 to $15 – depending on the overall amount sold. Other fundraisers only provide profits of a few cents on a dollar. Your marching band needs real profits. Out of all of the fundraising ideas out there, this allows you to raise the most money the quickest.

Sudz Fundraising Offers More

  In addition to the laundry detergent fundraiser, there are several other products that we offer here at Sudz Fundraising that can help raise money for your marching band. These include Spiritwear and Route 40 Wellness products. Additionally, your marching band can create their own fundraising store through our website and sell products all year long! Selling is easy when you are part of such a profitable fundraiser. Additionally, you will be selling high-quality products that are appealing to your potential customers. To learn more about how this fundraiser works for marching bands, simply visit the following page today: https://sudzfundraising.com/how-it-works/

Best Cheer Fundraising Ideas | Don't Go Broke for Cheer! Try a Successful Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Hey parents, guardians, and coaches seeking information on easy cheer fundraising ideas that will help cover the costs of cheer. We know how hard you work and that sometimes you just need things to be easy, so don't go broke for cheer! Many simply do not know just how costly cheer can be, and that's why we are offering up some cheer fundraising ideas.

While it is true that some programs can cover a certain amount of funds within their budget, it is often not enough. As a result, parents and others are left to flip the bill. Have no fear. There is a way to raise the money that you need that is easy and fast! It is through the laundry detergent fundraiser.

What is the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?

The laundry detergent fundraiser has earned the reputation of being one of the most profitable fundraising ideas for cheer teams. You are probably curious as to WHY this particular fundraiser stands out above the rest, right? It is simple. Laundry products are considered to be a “must-have” item.

Every single person that you know, associate with, or come in contact with needs laundry detergent in order to keep their clothing clean, smelling nice, and looking great. For each bucket sold your cheer team can earn up to $15! In short, your cheer team can make 30% profit with the laundry detergent fundraiser!

cheer fundraising ideas

What Expenses Do Cheer Teams Have?

Many might be surprised at the amount of expenses that comes with being on a cheer team. This is why we say "dont go broke for cheer". It costs much more than what you would think. Unless you are willing to pull the funds out of your own pocket, this is why finding easy and fun cheer fundraising ideas is important! Take a look at this example of the most common expenses for members of cheer teams:

There you have it! Keep in mind, this is only a basic list of the most common expenses that you will incur. Yes, this is per cheerleader – not, per team. Now, you can clearly see the need to engage in only the most profitable fundraisers. The good news is, the laundry detergent fundraiser IS the MOST profitable!

Competition Costs

Now, is your cheer team one that participates in competitions? If so, the expenses have just doubled for you. Yes, you read that right. We know traveling from competition to competition is a lot of fun and you enjoy watching their performances, but these competitive sessions can put a huge strain on your wallet. The solution? Easy cheer fundraising ideas like the laundry detergent fundraiser that will allow you to raise money and FAST!

Funding Matters

As you can see, funding is crucial for the teen that is part of that cheer team. The laundry detergent fundraiser is a wonderful and easy way to earn all of the money that you need not just for one – but everyone – on the cheer team. It is one of the most profitable fundraisers because it allows your team to promote a product that is high in demand. People get higher levels of satisfaction in supporting a cause when they get an item that they need and use in return.

Get Started Now

Are you ready to get started in making money for your cheer team? If you answered “yes”, simply go to our laundry detergent fundraising page to learn more. In addition to this, you can learn how to make the most of your fundraiser by checking out our cheer fundraising ideas guide. Why pull hundreds to thousands of dollars out of your own wallet when you can take part in one of the most profitable fundraisers currently available on the market? Get started today and start earning as quickly as tomorrow! Always remember don't go broke for cheer, always look for ways to raise the money. 

Transform Easy Fundraising Ideas into Profits!

Before stopping here, it's likely you discovered several easy fundraising ideas for your organization. The question is, how do you get people to take part in your fundraiser? The answer is, preparation and planning. The success that you experience is dependent upon the amount of planning and preparation that you put in. Keep reading to learn how to transform the easy fundraising ideas into massive profits for your organization.

Determine Your Purpose

The very first step to achieving success in a fundraiser – regardless of the type – is to determine the purpose of the event. Yes, you are attempting to raise money, but why? Your organization may have multiple goals. Outline the goals of the fundraiser and you will be able to measure your progress. By keeping track, you can share with your donors how successful the event was.

Establish the Amount You Need

Next, transform those easy fundraising ideas into massive profits by determining the minimum amount needed. Remember to consider the expenses of the event. The fundraising goal should be what you need to net after all expenses are deducted. In other words, if you need to raise $2,000 but your expenses will be $500, the fundraising goal should be a total of $2,500. Oftentimes, organizations will focus on the main amount that they need to raise, but they fail to account for the expenses. As a result, they come up short on their goals. 

Create a Budget

Failing to create a budget for the event could minimize your profits. Don't let the ultimate goal be just raising money; start with a planned budget to ensure that all expenses are outlined. Expenses could include what needs to be paid to staff members, space rentals, transportation, and incentives. These expenses should be included in the total amount that you wish to raise to ensure that you raise enough money.

Identify Your Target Audience

When starting an easy fundraiser, it is essential that you determine your target audience. Yes, you may elect to do a general fundraiser; however, most fundraising events are geared towards certain types of people. For example, if you are targeting local parents because you have a baseball fundraiser in the community, you should create a marketing plan towards that group. If you want to do a laundry detergent fundraiser and wish to attract healthcare facilities – such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes – you will want to create an appropriate marketing plan. This brings us to our final step…


Once you determine your target audience, it is time to create a marketing plan towards that group of individuals and/or businesses. The purpose and intent of this plan is to convince your targeted audience that your event is completely worthy of their time and their hard-earned money. In this marketing plan, you should outline the methods you will use to target your audience. Examples include social media platforms, blogging, emails, cold calling and word of mouth.

Easy Fundraising Ideas = Easy Money

Once you have selected one of the easy fundraising ideas, it is time to start the steps outlined within this guide. Determine your purpose, figure out the fundraising goal, create a budget, identify your target audience, and create a marketing plan and actively carry out that plan. For more information on easy fundraising ideas and how to achieve high profits, click HERE.

How to Deal with Unsupportive Donors

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are a regular participant of one of the easy fundraising ideas out there. Throughout your time in raising money for your team or organization, you have likely experienced what we refer to as a “dream donor”. These are individuals that regularly invest in your money-making events, share your posts on social media, spreads information by word of mouth, and/or even invites others to support your team or organization. While these types of donors are far and few between, they are a blessing when they appear. Now, you are reading this. That must mean that this wonderful donor has stopped supporting your fundraiser efforts. Continue reading to learn how to win that person back.

All Activity Ceases

It all starts one day when you realize you are not getting as many “likes” or “shares”. Individuals in and around your community no longer seem excited about your fundraiser efforts. You are not raising money as easily as you previously did. In essence, all activity ceases. Then, it hits you. That one supporter, that one donor, that one person has seemingly disappeared. They no longer “like” and “share”, they no longer invite others to support you, and their donations have stopped abruptly. What happened? How can you resolve this issue? You may be dealing with a case of “donor fatigue”. Now, it is time to win them back.

Recognition Goes a LONG Way

The first step to winning back that special donor is to make a direct and immediate effort to recognize all that they have done for your organization throughout the years. You could highlight their achievements on a social media post, invite them to a ceremony where you offer an achievement award and recognize their efforts, send a “Thank You” letter that outlines your appreciation, or provide them with a special gift. The important thing is that you recognize them and outline how appreciative you are of their support. You should also highlight how their donations and efforts have helped fulfill your mission and helped others.

Develop a Personal Relationship

In some instances, you should strive to develop a personal relationship with the donor. That is, outside of your easy fundraising ideas and events. Send a dinner invite, lavish them with flowers to show your appreciation, or simply get to know them – as individuals – outside your organization, but within a scope that is considered to be appropriate.

Openly Converse with the Donor

If your dream donor has pulled away from your fundraising efforts and your organization, you should have an open conversation and explain that you have noticed this and ask if there is anything you can do to rekindle their interest in helping you fulfill the mission of your team or organization. Perhaps there is an issue with time, money, or ability. Perhaps, they will address an issue that you can resolve. By taking the chance to openly discuss their concern, you may just win them back. In turn, you will have your best donor and supporter back on your side. For more information on easy fundraising ideas and how to succeed in these, click HERE.