Create A Successful Cheer Fundraising Flyer in 3 Easy Steps

You Need a Cheer Fundraising Flyer Huh? Sometimes the idea of desginging a flyer, or any other type of marketing material for your cheer fundraising can be daunting. Especially if this is not something you do, or if you are not in your optimum creative mode. I have experienced this time and time again when […]

Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas For 2019 Cheer Club

Let’s imagine for a second that you are a cheer coach, cheer clinic director, etc and you want to go to huge competition far far away. The first thing you are surely thinking is how are we going to pay for this, without asking the parents to all fork out a big check. Hmmm… what […]

Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading Fundraising

The Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading Fundraising If you are reading this, you need money for your cheerleading team. It does not matter if you are a parent, a volunteer, an employee of the local high school, the cheer team coach or choreographer, you will benefit from reading this guide. In this ULTIMATE GUIDE, you will […]

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