Candle Fundraiser – a Quick, Easy, and Surprisingly Beneficial Fundraising Idea


Are you in search of a quick, easy fundraising idea? A candle fundraiser is an excellent choice…

Do you have a passion for scents? Do you enjoy the beauty and appeal that occurs with the mixture of colors and scents? Do you have a desire to enhance the psychological health of others? Do you want those around you to experience optimal physical health? Do you need to raise money? Are you ready for a no-nonsense approach to fundraising?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the previous questions, it is time for you to start fundraising with Route 40 Candles! Scented candles are a quick, easy, and surprising beneficial fundraising idea that will help your team, group, and/or organization acquire the monies that they need while helping others in the process! Continue reading to learn more!

Get Your Scent On!

These days, a multitude of products abound that bring beautiful scents into our homes, our lives, our world…. It is not at all unusual to see advertisements for wax melts, room sprays, carpet deodorizers, and similar products. While all of these are quite efficient in creating pleasant aromas in various types of structures – be it a home, a business, or even a library; however, there is one scent product that is considered to be exceptionally popular – that is the candle.

The candle carries a high level of ambience. The soft, gentle aromas that emerge from the candle, the dainty, flickering flame, and the soft appearance make the candle an all-time favorite! They have more than just a nice look, a soft touch, and a pretty scent, though! Get your scent on and you are sure to enjoy a multitude of benefits! By taking part in a candle fundraiser, those around you may also enjoy many surprising benefits!


Are you ready to discover the surprising benefits of candles? Share the following with your potential fundraiser supporters and you are sure to discover that your Route 40 candle fundraiser is an immense success:

  1. It is a known fact that scent has the ability to directly affect a person’s mood. By simply purchasing and utilizing one of your scented candles, your fundraiser supporters may enjoy higher levels of relaxation, feelings of happiness, and reduced levels of anxiety! Scent directly impacts a person’s mood!
  2. Certain scents have the ability to aid in recalling memories and being able to create new memories. For example, if a supporter purchases vanilla bean candles, they may remember making homemade ice cream with their grandfather as a child. A clean cotton-scented candle may remind one of the smell of freshly-washed sheets on the clothesline.
  3. Certain scented candles have the ability to help people fight off infectious agents! For example, a person that is suffering from a cold may benefit from breathing in eucalyptus. If one is having trouble with muscle aches, peppermint may alleviate the pain. If a digestion issue is being experienced, smelling ginger may be highly beneficial!
If you are interested in starting a candle fundraiser for your team, group, and/or organization and have a desire to help others physically and mentally, visit our:

Candle Fundraiser Page

Sudz Fundraising

Sudz Fundraising was created by Jeremy Kean, a baseball coach, who was fed up with fundraising in general (it was a drag to even have to deal with it every year) and specifically, the kinds of fundraisers that were available. So he did something about it, and SUDZ was born as a fast, easy fundraiser that helps communities, teams, and organizations raise money in a healthy, helpful way.
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