Bold Marketing Renders High Levels of Success among Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Participants – Part 1

If you want to experience a high level of success as a laundry detergent fundraiser participant, you should opt for bold marketing. As consumers, most of us are subjected to at least one form of bold marketing on a daily basis. According to research, the boldest marketing strategies are used by one of the most basic industries – insurance. Top examples include the affable duck used by Aflac, the bubbly and “Flo” used by Progressive, and the humorous but dark guy of mayhem by Allstate. A duck with a high level of charm, a woman who displays an aggressive level of cheerfulness, and a man calmly narrating a wide array of accidents personifies each brand and proves that bold marketing is a technique that works. If you are taking part in a laundry detergent fundraiser for your sports team, your school, your civic group, church group, or any other type of organization, you will experience success as everyone uses laundry detergent; however, if you want to bypass ordinary results and experience extraordinary success, you should opt for bold marketing.

What is Bold Marketing?

Bold marketing steps outside the traditional “box”. It combines the elements of humor, entertainment, and likeability. It also includes an image or numerous images that appeal to a consumer and are memorable. You should create a “face” for your laundry detergent fundraiser and display that “face” to individuals that you want to purchase your laundry detergent items. Initially, you may find that your target audience may be a bit stand-offish; however, the more familiar they become with the “face” that you have created for your campaign, the more it will stick with them, inspire them, and the more they will trust you and the products that you are promoting. Eventually, that “face” that you created will inspire your target audience to act and make a purchase. This “face” will increase your sales and result in immense profits.

Use Your Imagination

Today, most marketing is based on a mass of nondescript items and concepts that we all have seen countless times. This is because most individuals – whether part of a fundraiser or a million-dollar business – base their marketing techniques on records that have experienced some formulaic-based level of success. How many times have you seen those standard and cheesy billboards on the side of the road for lawyers? How often do you receive those magnets from businesses in your community at the end of the year that display the calendar year and fail to stick on stainless steel and other advanced metallic surfaces? How often have you viewed a commercial for an appliance that has displayed the same images and stated the same material for many, many years?


Most companies and individuals feel that there is a certain level of safety when it comes to numbers. If something works, why change it? Bold marketing steps away from the numbers, the formulas, and what has been proven to work. It stems from the imagination and captures the imagination. Risky? Yes. Is it worth the risk? Absolutely. By taking a risk and using your imagination to capture the imagination of your target audience, you are likely to achieve a high level of success in your laundry detergent fundraiser. Come back next week to read the conclusion of our series, “Bold Marketing Renders High Levels of Success among Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Participants”. For more information on the laundry detergent fundraiser, or to view our fundraising products, visit us today at:

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