Baseball fundraising is about as traditional as the game itself. There are many unique reasons why baseball teams attempt to raise money. These include covering and/or offsetting the costs associated with registrations, baseball uniforms, baseball equipment, to cover coaching, and/or expenses associated with travel.

Regardless of your financial needs, there is an effective way to raise money for your baseball team. That is, by selling laundry products and other products for the home through Sudz Fundraising.

To make the most of your fundraising endeavors for 2018, we have compiled a list of things you should keep in mind while pursuing monetary assistance from those in and around your community.

In Order to Raise Money, You Have to Ask

While no one is ever completely comfortable requesting money from someone, if you need to raise money, you have to ask for it. In order to ask in such a way that you experience favorable results, it is essential that you make the needs of your team known. Oftentimes, people simply enjoy baseball, without considering the fact that a lot of money actually goes into the game. Others do not realize how nonprofits and sports teams make their money or that they need money. They just assume – if the game is on – that the financing behind the team is in order. You should make a list of the amount that you need and how the funds will be spent. You should then ask for people to donate to your cause, outlining both your needs and how the money will be spent.

Follow-Up with Immediate Appreciation

Once an individual, group, or a business has supported your baseball fundraiser, it is critical that you immediately follow-up by showing your appreciation. You may write thank you notes, send a thank you card, or publicly thank the person, group, or business on social media pages or your website. People – typically – thoroughly enjoy helping others and contributing to baseball teams. Whether they admit it or not, they also enjoy being appreciated. Take this step and you are sure to create loyal donors that will continuously assist with your baseball fundraisers.

The Three Basic Traits of a Successful Baseball Fundraiser

If you are running a baseball fundraiser, you must know and understand that there are three basic traits of a successful baseball fundraiser. These are as follows:

  1. You must have a solid belief in your baseball team and your cause.
  2. You should always have low expectations about your baseball fundraiser, but maintain high hopes for success.
  3. Finally, you must have a strong level of faith in all of the “goodness” that each person in the world possesses.

If you make your baseball team’s needs known, are able to successfully ask for money, follow-up with a high level of appreciation for each person that supports your baseball fundraiser, and know and exhibit the three traits of a successful fundraiser, you are sure to find that the year 2018 brings you a high level of success in your baseball fundraising endeavors!

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