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What is the quickest, easiest, and most lucrative way to raise money for your team or group?

Hands down, it is the SUDZ Fundraiser, and here's why...

Most fundraisers are too complicated, they don't raise enough money, and they have you selling stuff your supporters don't want or need.

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Jeremy Kean, CEO SUDZ Fundraising

This father of 3 and baseball coach has changed all of that!

The creator of SUDZ Fundraising, Jeremy Kean, grew tired of the dreaded yearly fundraising ​drag and decided in 2013 to do something about it.

For years, Jeremy experienced first-hand the yearly fundraising blues. He knew there had to be a better way to raise the most money possible, be easy to set and run, and give communities something they really need while saving them money.

What you're looking at right now is quite possibly the world's most perfect fundraiser...

SUDZ creates a Win-Win-Win scenario for organizers - teams and groups - and their communities...


Raise More Money - Fast and Easy!

Set your dates, contact your supporters, raise great money fast!

Who says fundraising has to be hard or complicated? America's #1 fundraiser is easy to put on and raise more money than any other fundraiser around!

Forget about the pain you suffered in the past with other fundraisers. This is the easiest way to raise money for your team you've ever experienced - GUARANTEED!

Laundry detergent fundraisers are the BEST!


Your Supporters Will LOVE You!

Give them what they need and want to buy!

Most fundraisers sell unhealthy junk food, coupon books, and other things your beloved supporters just don't need. Take care of your community by offering them something they want and will buy over and over again!

Our fundraiser is not a one-time deal. You can do it every year, or every few months, and your boosters will keep coming back and supporting your team. Easy!

Take care of your community and they will take care of you!


Your Fans Will Actually SAVE Money!

This is one of the biggest reasons this fundraiser is #1 in America!

Who ever heard of a fundraising product not being over priced? Everyone knows you're supposed to pay 10x (or more) over what you could get stuff in the store, right?

SUDZ products actually make better money than any other fundraiser while STILL saving your supporters money on household items that they really need!

Ever heard of a fundraiser that actually saves your fans money?

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Shelly Wolfal,
Sports Fanatic and Mom

This is one of the best fundraisers around! I will not sell any product that I don’t use myself. These products are high quality and sell themselves! Once you try the product you will not go back to buying it at the store – top notch and saves money! I have people contact me via text, Facebook and phone to buy once they have tried it – super quality and savings!


No Minimum Order Amount!

Your Group Earns 30% of All Sales!

FREE Nationwide Shipping!*

* The invoice total from Sudz after the 30% profit to you must be $1000+ to earn Free Shipping

With 3 kids active in sports, we have to participate in many fundraisers. Without a doubt, this is the best, and easiest, fundraiser we have ever been part of. The products are great, (we use many of them ourselves) and are easily sold, with simple renewal orders coming in often. I would definitely recommend this fundraising company for your team, school, church or other group organization looking to raise funds.

Michelle Bottomley,

I had never used Sudz products until my son started playing travel baseball and I was very unsure about it. Now, I use it with each load of laundry and absolutely love it! I will only use Sudz now!

Jim Jefferies,
Teacher at Tri High School 

Not Just A Laundry Detergent Fundraiser!

SUDZ also gives your organization the ability to raise more money with a deep product line that includes other household items such as trash bags, zip storage bags, soaps, lotions, and even candles!

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trash bags
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So... Are You Ready To WIN?!?

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Give yourself, your group, and your community a fundraiser to cheer for! 

Get started with one of the options above and we'll help you raise the money you need without the hassle of traditional fundraisers!

america's #1 fundraiser

ALL LAUNDRY PRODUCTS ARE HIGH EFFICIENT and work in BOTH types of machines. Dismiss