Our Story

When I was a baseball coach, I was busy with everything it took to build a winning program. No matter how hard we worked, there was always one consistent hurdle in our way to having the best season, Money! One of the most challenging roles as a coach was coordinating all the fundraisers that we needed to have.

I soon realized I couldn’t find anything that was going to be easy, have high profits, quick turnaround and repeatable season after season. I was frustrated until the day a softball coach colleague said “Have you tried the laundry detergent fundraiser?” That day the journey began and Sudz Fundraising was invented.

After six years, and with the help of my wife Kelly, we have expanded our offerings. Through our diverse line of laundry detergents, trash bags, baggies, handmade soy candles and melts, all natural essential oil made products and spirit wear apparel we’ve made fundraising easy.

Sudz Fundraising has helped hundreds of teams and groups reach their funding goals. We understand the roadblocks that teams face and that’s why we created the all-year fundraising program. Just another way we make it easy for you to reach your funding goals.

I’m confident that what we’ve built, is the easiest and most profitable fundraising program around!

Jeremy Kean
Sudz Fundraising

Our Promise

At Sudz Fundraising, our mission is to provide nonprofit groups with an opportunity to reach their financial goals through an easy, technology driven and profitable program. We are committed to seeing the success of every group that trusts in our help. We are determined to be the best at helping others succeed in their cause. We will always lead with giving the best customer service first. We will always strive to provide products and service of high quality and value. We will never stop finding ways to create a better product, better price and a better program.

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