Sudz Fundraising- Our Story

We are proud to announce we have crossed the 7 figure threshold for dollars raised through our laundry detergent fundraiser at Sudz Fundraising. When working with the leaders of groups and organizations we are often asked about our beginnings. 

So Here is OUR Story.

In 2013 Jeremy Kean, our founder, was coaching a travel baseball team for his son and buddies. It was a new experience to him coming from a recreational league coach and board member. He was talking to a softball coach and the coach asked ” Have You Heard of That Laundry Detergent Fundraiser? ” 

Thinking that sounded better than another round of a candy or discount card that everyone else was selling already. “Sure, Let’s Try It”. You see this team Jeremy had created had very motivated parents who loved to travel and live at the ballfield. As you may know that takes a large budget for a small little travel team. So we constantly had a fundraiser going on. 

After our first order had come and gone successfully, about 3-4 months later we started getting phone calls from our parents and seeing Facebook Posts asking if anyone was selling currently they needed more. 

Jeremy saw this as an opportunity to HELP more than just his organization and founded Sudz Fundraising. After six years with the help of his wife, Kelly, they have expanded their offerings from our original laundry detergent choices. Through our diverse line of products including trash bags, baggies, handmade soy candles, spirit wear apparel and more, we’ve made fundraising simple.

Our Promise

At Sudz Fundraising, our mission is to provide nonprofit groups with an opportunity to reach their financial goals through an easy, technology driven and profitable program. We are committed to seeing the success of every group that trusts in our help. We are determined to be the best at helping others succeed in their cause. We will always lead with giving the best customer service first. We will always strive to provide products and service of high quality and value. We will never stop finding ways to create a better product, better price and a better program.

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