We're no strangers to team fundraising! Over the years, we've seen MANY ideas for teams and organizations to raise money for their cause. Today, we've rounded up 48 (!!) interactive fundraising ideas for sports teams.

Check them out, and let us know what you think!

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Without further ado, here are our 48 interactive fundraising ideas for sports teams:

  1. Facebook event page with donation button
  2. Sell tickets to an online concert
  3. Babysitting
  4. Pet sitting
  5. Pet walking
  6. House sitting
  7. Christmas tree ornaments
  8. Game night
  9. Church bulletin flyer
  10. "Dress down" day
  11. Laundry detergent fundraiser
  12. Treasure hunt
  13. Cupcake decorating contest
  14. Balloon pop
  15. Raffle
  16. Themed charity event
  17. Dance party
  18. Community Garage sale
  19. Kickball tournament
  20. "World record" attempt party
  21. Barbeque
  22. Bake sale
  23. Fish fry
  24. Pie throwing contest
  25. Trash bag fundraiser
  26. "Movie on the lawn" night
  27. Cooking classes
  28. Letter writing campaign
  29. Virtual fundraiser
  30. Live stream event
  31. Dance challenge
  32. Shoe shining
  33. Tiktok challenge
  34. Volunteer and collect donations
  35. Sign up for Amazon Smiles
  36. Wine and cheese evening
  37. Video game event
  38. Yoga
  39. Candle fundraiser
  40. Coffee fundraiser
  41. Ask local businesses to donate a percentage
  42. Lemonade stand
  43. T-shirt fundraiser
  44. Matching gift donations
  45. Crowdfunding website
  46. Virtual tour
  47. Community cookbook
  48. Christmas gift wrapping service
interactive fundraising ideas for sports teams
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