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The game of baseball takes a lot out of an athlete, even though most viewers see it as a lot of sitting around, the athletes on the diamond have to stay mentally focused at all times. This can’t be achieved on an empty stomach, or an over full stomach at that rate. Let’s talk about three healthy options to get your athlete not only prepared for the game, but going strong through the entire event. Not only will these options help your athlete during the event, but these suggestions will help the parents save money.

Packing snacks ahead of time will help save money, money that can be used to go toward equipment, travel fees, or any other costs associated with our National Pastime. If these savings aren’t enough to cover the costs, a great option to raise money for baseball teams is starting a Sudz fundraiser.

Healthy Option 1: Bananas

Bananas aren’t only good for your young athlete, but they are cheap and easily stored as well. They can be thrown into the baseball bag and no worries have to be thought of to ensure that they stay ripe.

Bananas are high in potassium, which helps athletes from cramping in those high leverage situations. There is nothing worse for an athlete of any age to be in the middle of making a highlight reel play, just to be brought down by a cramp. Not only are they healthy, but they make for an extremely affordable snack. The costs to play baseball add up, which is why Sudz Fundraising exists to help raise money for baseball teams.

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Healthy Options. 2: Deli Sandwiches 

This seems like an easy cop out, but deli sandwiches can be packed with lean meats, vegetables, cheeses, and condiments that can all help an athlete maintain a steady diet.

To ensure the most out of this option, parents should ensure that they are using whole wheat bread, a lean meat (turkey for example), leafy vegetables, and not too heavy on the condiments. The condiments is where an athlete can find themselves getting weighed down with that heavy feeling of these aren’t used sparingly. You want to make sure the sandwich is “light” so your athlete can stay light on their feet during competition. 

Healthy Option 3: Cereal Bars/Granola Bars

This third and final option is one of the easiest not only before the game, but during the game as well. As all baseball players (and their parents know) the length of a baseball game is very unpredictable. An athlete might need to refuel mid-game in order to stay at their peak. 

When choosing a cereal or granola bar, parents should be looking at the nutritional facts to ensure that there isn’t a lot of sugar. High amounts of sugar will cause an athlete to crash, effectively rendering all of these healthy snack options unless. There are a lot of options out there, but with the right knowledge and a little research, parents can easily find the best option for their athlete.

Improve Your Player's Performance With These Healthy Snacks

Baseball is a long game, especially for the athletes on the field. If they are hungry, they aren’t going to be in the right mindset and won’t be able to get the most out of the game. Picking the right foods to eat will help your athletes perform at their peak at all times. Not only will your athlete be able to perform at their peak but you, as parents will be happy too with the money you’ll be saving by planning ahead and not having to stop and get fast food. 

Raise Money For Baseball Teams With Sudz

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