Introducing Simplified Pricing and Shipping!

Effective January 1st, 2017

Raise more money and keep your fundraiser simple with our new pricing and shipping effective January 2017...

Make Your Organization More Money

We've simplified our pricing and shipping to a simple, streamlined format.

Effective 2017

30% across-the-board on all products and FREE SHIPPING!*

*Minimum Order For Free Shipping $1000

This comes to $1.50 more per 5 gallon bucket and other products. (This is almost $5 better pricing per item!)

*Must be delivered to a commercial location with either a dock/pallet jack or 3-4 people to unload the pallets manually

**Total order size is calculated after the 30% to the organization is calculated

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ALL LAUNDRY PRODUCTS ARE HIGH EFFICIENT and work in BOTH types of machines. Dismiss