Family-Owned FUNdraising!

Sudz Fundraising is a family-owned company started with the same need that all teams and organizations have: An easier way to raise the funds necessary to operate. Jeremy Kean, CEO of Sudz, started by raising money for his baseball travel team.

The fundraiser went really well, and Jeremy realized that all sports teams and organizations would probably appreciate a fundraiser that is a WIN for everyone involved.

Since 2013, Sudz has helped over 400 groups raise money with over 600,000 gallons of laundry detergent sold! And this is just the beginning.

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Fundraising Win #1: For your supporters

There are many kinds of fundraisers. Most have to do with calories (candy, popcorn, etc.) and cost your supporters way more than they could get at the store. Sudz actually SAVES your supporters money (a novelty in the fundraising world). This means repeat orders and happy supporters who actually use and need what you’re selling!

Fundraising Win #2: Easy to organize and run

Complicated fundraisers are just not something anyone wants to deal with. Sudz is about as easy as a fundraiser can get. Which means you won’t dread repeating it as funding is needed each season or event!

Fundraising Win #3: The money

Pound for pound, Sudz raises more money than the majority of fundraisers with less sales, and less work. Selling 100 buckets of laundry detergent is a lot easier than selling thousands of candy bars! The organizer, the team, and the community can have a great, quick fundraiser and get on with why we’re all doing this in the first place!

SUDZ: We Put The FUN in Fundraising!

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